About Us

Gateway to Growth

We are your Gateway to Growth
We reside in your community
We know your business
We understand your strategy
We appreciate your hopes and dreams

While we have a solid history of more than 60 years’ experience serving middle-market businesses and community organizations across California, we are also proud of our history as a wholly owned subsidiary of SMBC Americas Holdings, Inc., a member of SMBC Group. Over its 400+ year history, SMBC Group has navigated global economic ups and downs with an unwavering focus on innovation and client growth.

The name SMBC MANUBANK reflects the bank’s commitment to honor our roots while contributing to the global presence of SMBC as a Gateway to Growth.  For clients it emphasizes our promise of high-touch, concierge-style banking with dedicated Relationship Managers, bringing our client-first focus to life, building deep and enduring relationships for future growth. And as a long-term contributor to the community, SMBC MANUBANK demonstrates our commitment to building strong client and community relationships across SMBC Group.

With SMBC MANUBANK, you get the best of both worlds: access to local decision makers, specialized expertise in diverse industries, and our client-first approach to building long-term relationships combined with the global brand strength of SMBC Group. Put simply, we are locally committed, internationally connected.

Our digital division, Jenius Bank™, was designed based on extensive customer research. The digital bank’s vision is to help people live a richer life using best-in-class technology that powers actionable insights and easy-to-use tools. Jenius Bank offers their digital-native customers access to 24/7 U.S. call center support for a human touch, when desired. Current offerings include personal loans and savings; with a mobile app launching in the coming months. To learn more, visit www.jeniusbank.com.