Fraud Prevention

Mitigate risks and protect your bottom line

Enhanced security features, manage and safeguard payments against loss during electronic transfer, whether by accident or malicious intent.

Powerful security tools ward off fraud
Automatic alerts of suspicious transactions
Oversight of flagged items to enhance cash management
Positive Pay & Payee Positive Pay
  • Compare outgoing check serial numbers and amounts against those presented for payment
  • Files contain check's intended recipient to expose possible alterations 
  • Internal safeguards ensure check payment privacy
  • Reconciliation system identifies discrepancies on issue file and presented checks
Reverse Positive Pay
  • Provides early detection of fraudulent, altered or counterfeit checks
  • Daily notification of all checks provided for your authorization
  • Eliminates the need to upload the check issue file
  • Quickly approve or reject check information in Online Banking
ACH Filters & Blocks

Security features to manage and safeguard electronic payments

  • Control ACH debits and credits to block or allow transactions 
  • Authorized ACH originators permitted to debit or credit your accounts
  • Type of transaction and entry class codes permitted by each originator
  • Alerts for any unauthorized payment attempts or excessive claims
  • Pre-set debit payment limits and authorization