Liquidity Management

Optimize your working capital

Automated liquidity management solutions to help maximize earnings on your funds and deposit insurance, and lower interest expense (e.g., credit sweep).

Pay down short-term debt
Avoid borrowing costs
Earn interest on excess deposits
Designate target account balances
Access to FDIC insurance beyond $250K1
Credit Sweep

Keep interest charges down and earn interest income on deposits depending on your business’s varying cash flow needs.

  • Automatic transfers between operating account and credit line 
  • Flexible and tailored 
  • Maximize funds availability 
  • Use in conjunction with ZBA (Zero Balance Accounts)
IntraFi® Cash Service (ICS®)

Sweep capabilities ensure all account funds are federally insured by moving funds between your primary SMBC MANUBANK account and ICS accounts as needed.

  • Protect funds that exceed FDIC insurance thresholds 
  • Choose the target balance for your checking account
Zero Balance Accounts

Link multiple SMBC MANUBANK deposit accounts to automatically transfer money into one concentration account, centralizing your overall cash flow. 

  • Protect large, liquid deposits that exceed the FDIC's maximum insurable threshold of $250,000
  • Disburse funds to maintain the designated target balance
  • Simplify reconciliation for operating account