At SMBC MANUBANK, we embrace our legacy while focusing on transformations – of markets, industries, technology, our organization and especially our people. We set our ambition to be the Gateway to Growth for our clients, colleagues, and communities. With many newly created positions and diversified departments, now is an exciting time to join our team!


SMBC MANUBANK offers a work environment and culture that enables professionals to excel and use their experience, expertise, and network to continue their professional and personal success.


Working here isn’t just a job.  It’s an opportunity to bring your talent to life. We offer the opportunity to develop innovative solutions and establish long-standing professional relationships. At SMBC MANUBANK you’ll embrace an entrepreneurial mindset and carve out your own career path.


We refer to our staff as colleagues whose talents we value equally, whose contributions are recognized, and who each possess the ability to positively impact our clients and the organization. 

Shape Your Professional Future

High-caliber colleagues

Collectively our teams comprise expert professionals with specialized skill sets and a deep knowledge of various financial sectors and industries. 


SMBC MANUBANK is growing with purpose! We plan to keep investing in our future through the people, processes improvements, and technology that support our clients’ success.

SMBC Group

Your opportunities to advance are multifaceted. Whether at SMBC MANUBANK, Jenius Bank, or with SMBC Group, explore roles out of offices in Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix - even Tokyo!

Development Opportunities

Our goal is to engage, develop, and retain our talent through leadership, management, and professional development programs designed and delivered by our internal experts and external training and executive coaching partners.

Commitment to DEI

Embrace inclusion

At SMBC MANUBANK we connect the diversity of our employees to the resilience of our organization. We believe different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives create stronger performance and a better company culture.


Over 80% of our employees identify in one or more protected categories, including veterans, women and those who identify as ethnic minorities.

Recruiting and hiring

We seek and hire the best talent representative of the diverse communities and clients we serve, and who will steward our commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. Clear communication and collaboration are key to building a foundation that supports this commitment to hiring diverse talent.