Frequently Asked Questions

Manufacturers Bank has changed its name to SMBC MANUBANK

Although our name may have changed, we are still committed to the humanized, client-first approach to banking you’ve come to expect from us.

A: The name change highlights our decades-long affiliation as a member of the SMBC Group. Our new name represents the best of both worlds – combining the brand strength of SMBC with the local market expertise of MANUBANK to create added value for our clients. It also reflects our business goals to expand into new markets and industries, allowing us to reintroduce the bank to current clients and create a strong presence in new markets.

A: There is no change in bank ownership, management, operations or to the bank’s charter. SMBC MANUBANK has been a member of the SMBC Group for decades, and a wholly owned subsidiary of SMBC Americas Holdings, Inc. (SMBCAH) since 2019.

A: Becoming SMBC MANUBANK reinforces our commitment to provide our clients the best of both worlds: elevate and strengthen our brand as a member of the SMBC Group with 400+ years of history, plus access to local decision makers, specialized expertise in diverse industries, and our client-first approach to building long-term relationships. It demonstrates that the bank continues to grow, invest in technologies, and streamline its operations to provide best in class client experiences.

A: Our product and service offerings will remain unchanged. Depending on your banking needs, we may be able to leverage the solutions provided by SMBC Group. Please let your Relationship Manager know.

A: No offices will close due to our rebranding.

A: There should be no impact. If you receive incoming wire transfers from your vendors, we recommend that you inform them to update the bank name to SMBC MANUBANK in the wire transfers instructions. Please note, this should have no impact on the funds getting credited to your account.

A: No. Account, routing, and SWIFT numbers will remain the same, as well as all mailing addresses. Nothing will change other than correspondences will come from SMBC MANUBANK going forward.

A: No. You will not need to update your username or password. All online and mobile banking functionality and services will remain unchanged. However, you will notice the new name on our online and mobile banking platforms once the change takes place.

A: There will be no changes to any aspect of existing loans including things like terms, duration, funding, draws. You will begin receiving correspondence, and credit reports with SMBC MANUBANK as the lender. All new loan agreements, contracts, forms, and other documentation will reflect the new bank name. Also, existing tradelines on credit reports will be updated to reflect the new bank name. You will not lose any credit reporting history.

A: No. You can continue using your current ATM/Debit card(s) and checks. The new name and logo will be updated on the cards and checks in the coming months.

A: If you have vendors referencing Manufacturers Bank in any payment instructions (i.e., wire transfers), you should inform the vendor to change the bank name to SMBC MANUBANK. Please note, this should have no impact on the funds getting credited to your account.

A: Yes, since their account and routing numbers remain the same, there should be no impact to wires transfers getting credited to their account. We recommend, however, that you inform your vendors to update the bank name in their wire instructions going forward.

A: The name change will not impact existing contracts or agreements. If there are any updates required, you should contact their Relationship Manager.